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"Days like this" The BBC interview about my first Ferrari




Past cars I have restored.

Lancia Evo Works Martini replica



Juppy the Fiat Panda 4x4 rebuild



Fiat 127 Sport restoration

127 restoration (continued)




Fiat Panda 45 (1981)

Fiat Panda 45 (1981) page 2

Alfa Romeo GTJ restoration



Non Italian cars I've owned!



Eper for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Abarth











Read all about "Sylvia" the Worlds most travelled Fiat Panda and her owner Jim Magill's adventures.

 Panda to Africa 2005

Panda to America 2006

Panda to Istanbul 2007




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Ciao and welcome to my site. Since I was a small boy I loved cars, one make inparticular, Ferrari. It took me almost 20 years to save for my first one. My passion for Ferrari lead me to all things Italian, Fiat, Lancia and Alfa mostly. I have to admit Lancia has grown to be my second biggest passion. Like Ferrari, Lancia has a rich history in motorsport. But none of them would be here today if it wasn't for Fiat. Hence. There will always be a Fiat in the family.

This site is dedicated to my little collection of mostly Italian cars. They're at the top of the page in the blue line. I keep an up to date history of their restorations and the things I do with them. I'm always tinkering with them so there's always something new that's been done.

  On the right of this page is a "Things to do" section. In it is a Message Forum were you can leave any messages or questions you might have about anything on my site. 

 There's a guest book and a cool little guestmap as well. I really hope you will take the time to post were you are on the map and drop a little message in the guestbook. It's nice to see were in the world people are viewing from, and it's becoming quite popular. 

A "FOR SALE" section has been added to the site for anyone who would like to advertise something Italian or rare. So if you'd like to list something then please contact me I don't charge for this and as you can see from the hits the site gets there is a lot of like minded people browsing the site.   

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  I hope you enjoy your visit and please don't forget to put yourself on the guestmap and fill in my Guestbook .


 Past restorations or cars I thought a bit special can be found at the link below


So I do hope you enjoy having a nosey around. Ciao.

Chevrolet Camaro RS


                Fiat 500F   (Luigi) 


Fiat X19 Grand Finale


Vespa 50 Special 

Currently being restored

1966 BSA Sunbeam Scooter

Land Rover Defender TD5 XS


Saab 9-5 2.3 turbo


Saab 9-5 2.3 turbo Aero


1954 Massey Ferguson "Marmaduke"


Some of my past restorations.

Ferrari 308 GTSi

Juppy the Fiat Panda 4x4.

Although I no longer own Juppy I had to put this photo of him up. He now resides in the Lane Museum in Nashville, Tennessee America and is the only registered Fiat Panda in the USA. My mate Jim had the pleasure of driving him to a few shows there were he won a top award. Its pretty much my best achievement.

Juppys award in America at a show

How it was when I got it. 

Oldest existing Right hand drive Fiat Panda in the UK and Ireland. Early 1981.

   How it was when I got it.

 1992 Lancia integrale Evo. "Edizione Maranello House"

How it was when I got it.

1976 Alfa Romeo 1600 GT Junior

How it was when I got it.


Lancia integrale Evolution Martini

How it was when I got it.

Fiat Panda Van before


1999 Fiat Panda Jolly before

and now